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In the auto import industry we typically always try and vet one of the most misunderstood myths which people fear and others take advantage of.  If you've never dealt with importing car before then you more than likely have a vague and clouded understanding of the process which vehicles undergo in order to arrive at their destination.

A wide number of importers will utilize large ISO shipping containers in order to pack as many vehicles inside as possible to cut down on shipping rates per vehicle.  While this is a practical method for business purposes it's not really the most ideal method for vehicles that no one wants damaged. A common occurrence with container shipments is vehicles coming loose and moving around inside the container which often result in damaged quarter panels or bumpers as well as paint.  There also are times when containers need to be inspected by customs and the people who open the containers do not take care of the contents which results in vehicles shifting and bumping into other items or the container.

Our vehicles will almost always ship via what's known as RORO or "Roll on Roll off", meaning we drive the vehicles on the ship, park them and secure them to the floor and then drive them off the ship after arriving at the destination port.  This method is the most preferred method as vehicles are more carefully positioned and looked after vs being moved around by a crane while inside a container.

Each vehicle we ship via RORO is driven by authorized personnel directly onto large auto liner ships.  These ships are much like any other cargo ship except each vehicle is loaded inside the ship into large spaces which are climate controlled and protected against the weather.  This further ensures that each vehicle is shipped safely and the chance for being damaged is greatly mitigated.

One key aspect of RORO shipping which most importers never mention is that the same ships which we load our vehicles onto are also carrying loads of brand new vehicles from the major auto manufacturers in Japan.  This can sometimes create problems for us as we have to fight for available space on these ships.

Something we try to inform our customers about when it comes to shipping is that no shipment will arrive as "overnight parts from Japan".  With these large ships and the extensive cargo which they transport it's very common for the total transit time to take over 1 month to complete.  In general we always estimate between 4-6 weeks for a ship to arrive at one of our ports which we operate from.

Another point to keep in mind is that there's a limited number of shipments departing Japan with specific routes which we require. In general we have only 1 RORO shipment per month, sometimes 2 but if a vehicle is unable to make a shipment within a given month then it will have to sit and wait for the next RORO shipment for the following month.  Because of this we try and stress to customers the importance of paying for a vehicle in a timely manner if the vehicle is desired to arrive by a specific date range.