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Vehicle Sourcing and Delivery Services

Our primary mission is to source, export, ship and import 25 year and older JDM vehicles to the United States.  What does that mean exactly?  Any vehicle which is at least 25 years or older which was not originally manufactured in the United States no longer requires the mountain of red tape and costly modifications to make entry into the U.S. for road use.  These vehicles are classified as FMVSS and EPA exempt vehicles and are free for us to import into the U.S. without issue.

Let us help you get behind the wheel of your very own classic JDM vehicle!

At the center of our operating is a strong focus on the most iconic and anticipated JDM import since 2006 after the fall of MotoRex.  The R32 is no doubt one of the highest in demand imports of 2014 and we're pleased to offer the largest inventory available for the U.S. hands down.

Our company has devoted several years to sourcing and storing early R32 GTS-T and GT-R models in a effort to control and prevent market price inflation in 2014.  Our customers are already spreading the word that we have the cheapest prices around.  Give us a call today to get started!

Vehicle Parts Services

Unlike our competitors, we actually offer not only vehicles for sale but parts as well and in bulk!  Our company has the facilities and staff to source and provide any part requested by our customers.  If we don't have it in stock we'll go buy vehicles so we have the parts in stock.

No part is too small or too large for us to provide it.  With the flood of the U.S. market for 25 year old imports on the rise we realize that all the new owners will require parts to keep their vehicles on the road.  We're here to support you and your vehicle!

Vehicle Maintenance, Aftermarket, and Performance Services

Where we excel in this industry is that we don't just offer vehicles and parts for sale, we also provide services for those vehicles.  Our company has employed some of the best and most talented technicians in order to ensure our customers are taken care of.  When we source a vehicle we're able to also offer a full line of fabrication, parts installation, performance upgrades, restoration and conversion services.

We're ready to service and tune any vehicle that comes our way.