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Importing a car is no easy task and we don't ever recommend customers venture out on their own to attempt it.  We're not here to give you a sales pitch or try and win your money, we're here to make the process easier and safer for you.

Our staff is highly experienced with motor vehicle shipments and ensuring each vehicle is compliant for entry into the destination country prior to leaving our facility.  Each country has its own regulations and laws, our specialty is the United States where several of our offices are located.  Our staff is well versed in the processes for clearing customs and registering vehicles in the U.S.

We will never ship a vehicle unless we know for certain and can guarantee it will make safe entry and clear customs.

One aspect of the process for importing to the U.S. which we excel in most is being up front with our customs and ensuring that the price we quote is the final price with all fees included.  For customers who are interested we're happy to provide a complete cost breakdown listing exactly where every dollar is going so there is no question or doubt on what you are paying for.

A key part of importing a vehicle to the U.S. is ensuring taxes and duty are paid properly.  Most importers will not explain this topic in detail or at all to their customers.  We're professionals who follow the laws and regulations and as such we're always careful to ensure the proper taxes and duties are paid for each and every vehicle we import to the U.S.

Some importers will try and skirt around these laws by declaring false values to U.S. Customs in order to save money.  This is not how we operate!

Once your vehicle arrives at the port of entry which we've scheduled and it has cleared customs we will then dispatch our staff to receive the vehicle and transport it to our facility.  In an event that there are discrepancies with a vehicle which prevent it from clearing customs, our staff will be quick to correct the issues and get them complaint so the vehicle may clear.

For non-resident customers we do not require you to come to one of our facilities in the U.S. to pick up your vehicle.  We're more than happy to work with local freight companies to schedule a freight auto carrier to deliver the vehicle directly to you at an additional cost.

All vehicles which we've sourced, shipped, and sold in the U.S. will be completely handled by our staff and will be ready to drive home with a valid U.S. title and copies of all import documents to prove your vehicle is 100% legal.


Our company is not like most other importers.  As a group, we're able to cover direct services from Japan to both the East and West Coast of the United States.  With offices located in Sanford, FL and Tacoma, WA as well as Nagoya, Japan, our team is prepared to put our logistical power to work in order to service our customs nationwide within the United States.

With the heart of our operation residing in Nagoya, Japan we are also able to offer shipping services to other countries through some of our partners.